Sunday, May 3, 2009

8 Medical Book Care Tips

Why you must care your medical books?If you have a lot of collection of medical books, you usually have many problems with your collection. Paper humid, sticky, mushrooms and savory smell is your problems. You must fight against this problems and care your medical books. There are 8 tips to care your medical books.

1. Make sure the medical book is not humid and has adequate air circulation. To get enough air, the medical book must have a window or entry-exit hole in the air enough.

2. Try the medical book does not lie close to the floor. This means do not place your books in the bottom cupboard. Choose a place that allows good views and books easy to reach. Options can be in the middle or top.

3. Position of the medical book should stand in line to the side. This position allows air to enter between the book through the slit sheet. If the position of the book pile is feared can not enter the air speed and humidity.

4. Sprinkle camphor on the sidelines of the medical book in a corner or a corner-cupboard. Function camphor moth to drive and reduce the smell is not tasty

5. Make a rotation position of the book once every two weekends. If possible out medical books from the cupboard and placed outside during the day in the cupboard. Be on the table or in the open space that is not humid.

6. No one gives a special lamp in the bookcase to get a medical book that is quite light. Light rays to prevent moth entrance between the books.

7. How secure is the book wrapped up in plastic packaging and sprinkled camphor.

8. Special rare medical books over 100 years between the sticky one page with another page does not need forced them. There are way apart. soaking the paper to the sticky in water for half an hour. Then, lift and wind it in cool place. Never season under the blazing sun that does not fluctuate after the paper dried.

Do you have more medical book care tips? Please add your book care tips in comments

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